Coloring Bookmarks!

  • $ 1.00

A lot of us are finding ourselves at homes with kiddos in tow for the foreseeable future, and what better way to make the most of this extra time at home than getting creative with these adorable, downloadable color-in bookmarks!  Coloring has been shown to be a great relief for stress and anxiety and I think we could all use a positive, creative outlet right - plus they'll definitely make you smile each time you see them tucked between the pages of your favorite book!

Once you place your order this coloring activity will be sent straight to your inbox as a digital download. You can print them out as many times as you'd like so everyone in the family can take advantage of this fun and therapeutic activity!  With this purchase you will receive both the "Just One More Page" and "Bookworm" bookmark designs!

Honey and the Hive is a one-woman operation, so to help keep this small business afloat and provide for our family during these uncertain times, these coloring sheets are available on a donation-basis.  Download them for as little as $1, or if you're able to give more you can choose to do so!

You can also treat yourself to my finished downloadable bookmarks here!

For best results, and to help your bookmarks last a little longer I recommend printing them on card stock paper if possible!

Copyright Honey and the Hive, 2020: All images and designs are copyrighted and cannot be copied, altered, or resold.  Purchases are for personal use only.